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Why Jupiter Science Ionizers?

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Why Jupiter Science Ionizers?

Jupiter Science is the brand-name for Emco Tech, the oldest and most sophisticated ionizer manufacturer in the industry which sells more ionizers worldwide than any other manufacturer.

All Jupiter Science models are CE and UL certified and manufactured at Emco Tech's ISO 9001 manufacturing facility in Korea.

    • Emco Tech also designs and manufactures ionizers for other leading manufacturers including: Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Toyo.
    • Jupiter Science ionizers are designed to outperform and outlast other brands thanks to exceptional build quality and their patented DARC cleaning system.
    • Jupiter Science ionizers have the lowest return rate average in the industry.

Jupiter Science Ionizer Technology

When you buy a Jupiter Science ionizer you can be confident that you are buying the best ionizer technology available. All backed up with 30 years market leading experience in building the best ionizers in the industry.

titanium-electrolysis-plates.jpgPlatinum Titanium Electrolytic Cell

Jupiter Science ionises create healthy alkaline ionised water via the use of an ionisation chamber featuring platinum titanium electrolytic cells. These cells produce ionised water which helps to restore the internal pH balance and acid waste from the body.



autocleaning.jpgAutomatic Electrode Cleaning

Many ionisers go into hibernation mode whilst in the clean cycle meaning that you can't use the ionzer until the clean cycle has finished. Not so Jupiter Science ionizers. Featuring a patented reversible chamber, Jupiter Science ionizers automatically regulate water flow meaning you can enjoy ionised water - even whilst the unit is in the clean cycle.


mesh-plate-coating.jpgMesh Titanium

The use of titanium in a mesh structure increases the surface area of the cell plates and thus increases the electrolytic potential of the cells. This makes the ORP of the ionised water very high.



darc.jpgDouble Automatic Reverse Cleaning - DARC

DARC is another technology patented by Jupiter Science which completely removes calcium build up from the ionizer chamber and electrode plates which results in an extended chamber life.




p-circuit-b.jpgMicom System

The Micom System is a computer which controls all the ionizer functions and which maintains the desired pH according to the water flow. The Micom System features one-touch operation and features Self-Diagnostic Safety Technology. Should there be an electrical overload due to water quality then the Micom System will shut down ionisation to warn you.


auto-water-pressure.jpgAutomatic Water Pressure Control

Since water pressures vary from area to area, Jupiter Science ionizers feature a water pressure control system which ensures a good flow rate in areas where pressure is low and which stops damage to the unit in high pressure areas.





World Class Filtration

Jupiter Science ionizers utilise 0.1 Micron or 0.01 Micron Biostone Filters. These leading-edge filters allow beneficial healthy minerals to pass into the ionisation chamber but remove harmful components including viruses, bacteria and corpuscles from your drinking water. In essence, the bad stuff is removed meaning you drink just the good stuff.

Emco Tech - World Leaders in Water Ionization

Emco Tech ionizer system used in breakthrough technology by Tennant Company:

The Tennant Eco Scrubber

Tennant Company, the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of cleaning equipment and solutions, has created a breakthrough technology using water ionizer cells from Jupiter Science/Emco Tech.

Tennant Company announced ec-H2O - a revolutionary technology that electrically converts water into a superior cleaning solution that cleans as well or better than traditional general purpose cleaning chemicals and provides a lower total cost of ownership and safety benefits.

General purpose cleaning encompasses the majority of scrubber cleaning applications. Using ec-H2O reduces the environmental impact of cleaning operations by up to 98 percent according to a study performed by EcoForm, a leading technical environmental analysis firm based in Tennessee.

European Business Award

Tennant’s ec-H2O technology has been on the market for 29 months. In this time, ec-H2O technology has garnered many prestigious awards and certifications including being named one of R&D Magazine’s 100 Most Technologically Significant Products in 2008 and receiving the European Business Award for Business Innovation of the Year in 2009.