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Water Ionization

How Do Drinking Water Ionizers Work?

Ionizer for WaterJupiter Science (brand name of the world's #1 manufacturer: Emco Tech) ionizers are the result of
more than 30 years continuous research and development.

Nowadays ionizers are highly sophisticated and have levels of technology we could only dream of a few years ago. However, the basic principal of ionization is quite straightforward to explain. In a Jupiter Science water ionizer, the source water undergoes a two stage process:

Stage One - Tap Water Filtration and Purification

Your Jupiter Science ionizer contains a world class leading water filtration system. As the source water enters the unit it is passed through a Tourmaline Biostone filter which effectively removes unwanted contaminants whilst leaving the essential healthy dissolved minerals intact. This produces a purified mineralised water - which is ideal for ionization.

So, even if you only ever use the 'Purify Only' feature of your water ionizer, you will still be drinking exceptionally healthy water, albeit without the added alkaline alteration.

Stage Two - Water Ionization

Within the ionization chamber the now purified and mineralised tap water is exposed to a low voltage electric current. This process is called electrolysis or ionization because the positive and negatively charged ions within the tap water are each attracted to a different electrode, thus creating two water streams - one positively charged (acidic water) and the other negatively charged (antioxidant rich alkaline water).

The acid water is not wasted as it is an effective antibacterial and has been proven to be effective for the treatment of skin conditions and the alkaline water with its abundance of antioxidants - we drink.

The Effectiveness of Ionization

When you open your tap, the water that comes out is usually around pH 7.5. It will, however, almost always have a positive ORP meaning that has no antioxidant properties - in fact just the opposite - the water is positively charged which means it is an oxidising agent.

However, put this water through a Jupiter Science water ionizer and, not only will the pH increase, but the ORP will be altered from a usual tap water reading of around +350mV to anywhere between -150mV to -650mV.

As we know, orange juice is a wonderful antioxidant and freshly squeezed orange juice has an ORP of around -200mV. Imagine giving your tap water the same (or greater) antioxidant power as orange juice? This is what a Jupiter Science water ionizer does!

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to use the Purified Water option on your ionizer when taking medication, as you will absorb medications more quickly when drinking alkaline water.

An Important Aspect About ORP

Did you take notice of those ORP readings? Did you notice that an antioxidant ORP must be a negative number? If anyone tries to tell you that the water from their ionizer is antioxidant rich simply because they've reduced the positive number to a lower (but still positive) number, then show them the door. To be an antioxidant the ORP reading must be negative.

Micro Clustering

Water molecules exist in 'clusters' of usually between 12 - 16 molecules per cluster. This clustering has a negative effect on the hydrating power of water, where the larger the cluster size, the less efficient the water is at hydrating the body's cells.

The process of ionization reduces these cluster sizes to around 6 molecules per cluster (less than half the size).

This change of molecular form also means, according to Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, of the Japanese Water Institute, that it gains the ability to penetrate tissue and cell walls far more easily.

Many people experience detoxification effects in the first few weeks of drinking ionised alkaline water, as it may infiltrate areas that have not been reachable with ordinary tap water. This is why people refer to the experience of drinking ionized water as effortless, or ’silken’.

Another benefit is that when the essential alkalising minerals are ionized, your body will be able to absorb and use them much more efficiently. In comparison, drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water (which have no mineral content at all) will lead to mineral deficiencies where the ability of the body to absorb mineral supplements becomes compromised - especially if your body is already in an over-acidic state.