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Water In The Workplace

Water and Health

Companies are always looking for ways to get the most from their staff. Thankfully many companies understand that, rather than simply forcing their staff to work 'harder', the real secret to improving staff performance lies in improving their staff's overall health and wellbeing.

Some companies offer complimentary gym membership, others have in-house therapy rooms such as massage or reflexology. However, few companies consider the most basic of nature's wellbeing therapies - that being the positive power of proper hydration.

Research has shown that ionised alkaline water has a greater hydrating effect than normal tap water or bottled water - not to mention its positive anti-oxidant power.

Water and HealthYour staff work hard for you but many may exist on an acidic diet of processed meals and coffee in an effort to keep going at work. Just imagine the effect that a healthier, more alert and better performing workforce could have on your business.

Providing your staff with the opportunity to drink Jupiter Science ionized alkaline water is one easy step in that direction.

Corporate Discounts

We understand that a single ionizer may not be practical for some organisations and so we have a bulk purchase plan available for companies requiring several ionizers.