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Kangen Water Ionizers


Kangen Water is not, as many people are lead to believe, some special type of water which is different from alkaline ionized water.

There word Kangen is, in fact, a registered trade mark of a company called Enagic which is an ionizer manufacturer which sells water ionizers primarily via Multi Level Marketing techniques.

A Kangen ionizer will produce the same type of alkaline water as an ionizer from Jupiter Science, the main difference being their trade mark of the name 'Kangen' (which is why they push the name Kangen so much) as well as a significantly higher price tag for the ionizer itself compared to Jupiter Science ionizers. Also, Jupiter Science ionizers use 9-Stage Biostone filtration to ensure the water you drink is not only antioxidant and alkaline but clean also. No other ionizer comes close. 

Emco Tech, the manufacturer behind Jupiter Science has stayed away from registering any type of special name such as Kangen to describe their water, instead they refer to their water as what it is: alkaline, antioxidant ionized water.

We like that approach also, which is why we only sell Jupiter Science electric ionizers.