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Hurom HU100 ULTEM Slow Juicer White

  • Hurom HU100 ULTEM Slow Juicer in White
  • Hurom HU100 ULTEM Slow Juicer fittings diagram
  • Hurom vertical slow juicer
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Product Description

The HU100 ULTEM is the very latest model from Hurom, the pioneers in vertical juicing. This model is finished in appliance white and features parts made from super-tough GE ULTEM material. The Hurom HU100's exceptional performance was recognised when it was voted Best Juicer by Channel 5's The Gadget Show.

The innovative juicer design by Hurom turns the slow juicing mechanism by 90 degrees, so it is now vertical rather than the traditional horizontal approach allowing for a juicing screen with a much larger surface area. The juicer slowly crushes the produce at a low 80 RPM but as soon as it's through this stage, gravity takes effect and pushes the juice through the unit much faster than a conventional masticating juicer. The result is a slow speed juicer capable of producing juice just as quick, if not quicker, than a centrifugal juicer without the loss of nutrients caused by high speed juicing.

With a small footprint like that of a high speed juicer, the Hurom HU100 takes up less space on the worktop compared to most masticating juicers and it's quiet as you would expect from a premium juicer brand such as Hurom. Compared to other slow speed juicers the Hu100 has the lowest RPM, ensuring your juice is cold pressed for maximum nutritional value and storage life.

When the juice extractor is running, 2 silicone brushes perpetually pass over the filter screen cleaning any excess pulp that builds up - this ensures the minimum of blocking problems during the juicing process. Also, water can be fed through the machine to clean it in between different juice recipes. A silicone seal is fitted to the pulp outlet to squeeze more juice from the fibre resulting in a dryer pulp and higher yield of juice. Unlike masticating juicers - the Hu100 is also great at juicing fruits and can even juice cherries - even with the pips in.

The crushing auger cuts the produce and draws it into the juicing chamber to be ground on the larger surface area of the filter screen. The Hurom HU100 juice extractor can juice fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass as quick as you can feed the produce in. Whilst it does not feature a whole fruit feed chamber like high speed juicers, it does have a kidney-bean shaped chute which allows for larger pieces to be fed in, cutting down on preparation time. The Hurom HU100 juicer can also produce soya milk and nut milks. Please note, it cannot produce pasta, noodles and nut butters as it does not have a homogenizing screen.

Build Quality & Guarantee
The Hurom slow juicer has an excellent build quality which has been constructed for heavy duty home juicing by using super-tough GE Ultem material on the juicing parts making it 8 times stronger than other juicers. Backed by a 10 year warranty on the motor and 5 years on parts, serviced in the UK.

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