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Excellence In Manufacturing

The Emco Tech story is built on a mission. It is Emco Tech's story of ceaseless Research and Development to create the world's most powerful and reliable ionizers. It is a story forged by a strong partnership between Emco Tech and IonWays USA, with a shared mission to bring this amazing technology to the world and improve the health of humankind. Ionvida - The Healthy Water Company, represents both Emco Tech and IonWays products in the UK.

Once simply known as 'Jupiter Science', Emco Tech is now much more than the Jupiter brand name. Emco Tech's pride is its world class Research and Development engine that specialises in the development and manufacturing of cutting edge ionization technology. This Japanese facility employs 20 fulltime PhD level scientists. The Japanese R&D engine fuels Emco Tech's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which assembles the ionizers in Korea. It is this marriage of top level R&D and manufacturing that accounts for Emco Tech's number one position in the world market for water ionization.

 Established Date Royal Water and Emco Tech: 1970 / Ionia 1982
 Products Medical equipment, water ionizers, filters, water purifiers
 Head Office Goyang City (just outside Seoul, South Korea)
 Ionizer Manufacturing Bucheon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
 Research & Development (Japan) Narita, Japan (20 PhD level scientists and engineers on staff)
 Research & Development (Korea) Bucheon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea (6 PhD scientists and engineers)
 Water Cell Manufacturing Narita, Japan



Strong focus on research and development and manufacturing excellence
Over 30 patents and design registrations
Over 30 water ionizers developed
10 hot and cold water ionizers patents



iso-certs.jpgInternational Certificates

ISO 9001 (manufacturing standards) and ISO 14001 (environmental)




Brand Name and Manufacturer: EMCO TECH
International Export Company: EMCOTECH
Export Destinations: Over 70 countries worldwide






Never ending commitment to quality manufacturing standards ISO 9001 certified see: http://www.iso.org/iso/en/iso9000-14000/understandinbrief.html

Strong commitment to safe environmental practices: ISO 14001 certified see: http://www.iso.org/iso/en/iso9000-14000/understand/inbrief.html

Largest ionizer production capability - able to manufacture over 100,000 units a month

Virtually unlimited production capability through OEM partners LG, Samsung and Hyundai

They continue to lead with the lowest return/repair rate in the industry


Emco Tech History At A Glance

May 1982 Jupiter Science Co. Ltd. was established
February 1986 Approved to produce Medical materials by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (No.226)
February 1986 Jupiter-3 Approved( Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-073 )
July 1987  Jupiter Science Happyate approved ( Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-082) 
November 1987 Jupiter-365 Astonion approved ( Korean Mach Research Center No.39-409 )
December 1987 Jupiter-88 Lady approved ( Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-163 )
April 1989 Jupiter-700 approved ( Korean Machinery Research Center No.39-097 )
July 1989 Registered Jupiter Trademark No.174096 ( The Office of Patent Administration )
April 1990 Jupiter-1100 approved ( Korean Machinery research center No.39-113 )
July 1990 Registration of Utility Patent Design (No.105908) "Hot and Cool Ionizer" registered by the Office of Patent Administration
July 1991 Obtained UL approval (Underwriters Laboratories Inc. )
July 1991 Obtained JIS Approval (Japanese industrial standard)
November 1991 Registration of Utility Model Patent (No.0603325) "Hot and Cool Ionizer Device" registered by the Office of Patent Administration
October 1992 Registration of designs (No.1133119) " Main body for Hot and Cool Purifier" registered by the Office of Patent Administration
July 1993 Registered Grade A Electric Appliance Manufacturer (No.3-8-351) Kyonggi-Do City
July 1993 Joined Electric Appliance Safety Supervision Association
July 1993 Registered as member of Korean Trade Association
December 1993  "Electric Shaved Ice maker" approved by Korean Industrial Promotion Administration 
March 1995  "Electric Shaved Ice domestic use" approved by Korean Industrial Advancement Administration 
April 1995  "Electric Hot and Cool Purifier" approved by Korean Industrial Promotion Administration 
June 1995  Registered Trademark (No.315979) of Hexa Jupiter by the Office of Patent Administration 
September 1995  Registered Trademark (No.322179) of Jupiter by the Office of Patent Administration 
September 1995  Purchased an Industrial Complex in Kwangmyung-City Model Industrial Complex 
October 1996  Start to operate the Second Factory in Buchon-City 
March 1996  Win official commendation as an exemplary enterprise from the Office of National Tax Administration 
March 1997  Approved to produce materials by the ministry of Health and Welfare (NO. 610) 
March 1997  JM-901, JT-801 and JA-701 approved 
June 1999  Registration of Utility Model Patent and Item Approval. (JP-101) registered by the office of Patent administration 
March 2000  Obtained CE Mark (JA-701) 
October 2000  Changed Company name to Jupiter Science Co., Ltd. 
April 2001  "Electric Mattress" approved by Korean Industrial Promotion Administration 
June 2001  Obtained ISO 9001 Certification 
July 2001  Obtained first CE Mark Approval 
July 2006  RoHS obtained 
The Man Behind Emco Tech - The Michael Moon Story

This story begins like so many others who drink this water - with fantastic results.

Michael Moon was a wealthy man before he was introduced to magic of the water created by ionization technology. He had already made a fortune in the construction industry as a steel and concrete contractor who built high-rise towers in downtown Seoul. In addition, he owned a number of other companies across a variety of industries. As in all business timing is crucial to success, and he seemed to always be in the right place at the right time.

By the early 1980's the demands of being a successful businessman and entrepreneur had caused his health to decline. He had adult onset diabetes, hypertension and struggled with his weight. Out of concern, a good friend introduced Michael to alkaline water.

Within one year Michael had dropped about 80lbs, stabilized his blood sugar and gotten off the medication for his high blood pressure. He was stunned and needless to say quite excited by the results.

Being the savvy businessman with a knack for good timing, he looked at the fledgling market for ionization technology. He immediately saw the emerging movement of the technology from the commercial and medical applications of the low pH water toward drinking high pH or alkaline water for health benefits. At this time the market was almost entirely controlled by the Japanese. All the best scientists and engineers who were advancing the new ionization technology were Japanese. In addition most of the companies manufacturing ionization technology were Japanese.

Being Korean, Michael analyzed the newer and developing Korean marketplace. At this time there were a few small Korean companies who were beginning to manufacture ionization technology. In his search he found Jupiter Science, a medical equipment manufacturing company. Ionization had become licensed in Japan and later in Korea as a medical device and was being used in hospitals for wound and burn care and for its disinfecting properties. Jupiter Science as a medical equipment manufacturer was making ionization technology for medical applications. While the medical application business opportunity was good, Michael realized the staggering potential of the drinking water applications. He correctly determined that drinking water use of the technology would soon outpace and bury the medical equipment opportunity.

He went to Jupiter Science with a plan. His plan offered Jupiter Science a partnership investment of one half a billion Korean wan, approximately $10 million US dollars. That is 1982 dollars - today's equivalent investment would total approximately $30 million. The plan offered Jupiter Science the capital to fund the construction of a brand new state of the art manufacturing facility in Korea. This facility would go on to achieve ISO 9001 and 14001 certification, and become the largest ionizer assembly plant in the world capable of over 100,000 units per month.

The balance of the capital would be spent to fund the construction of another state of the art facility in Japan - where all the best ionization talent was. He would then hire some of the best and brightest ionization scientists and engineers to staff his new R&D operation. This Japanese facility was designed from the onset to become THE leading research and development force in the industry.

Advanced Electrode Testing

The Japanese facility would also become the manufacturing arm for the R&D, making the worlds most advanced electrode and membrane technology components - the crucial component in an ionizer. In exchange for these investments Michael's new company Emco Tech was granted the world-wide marketing rights for the ionizer brand.

Today, sales of Emco Tech ionizers total approximately 50,000 units per month, making them the world's largest manufacturer. Emco Tech cutting edge research and development continues to lead the industry in every area of advancement - producing the top performing and longest lasting ionization technology in the world today.