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Bigger Is Not Better

Don't Be Taken In By The Marketing Guff

In reality, the best water ionizer is one that can ionize to a healthy drinking level, provide excellent filtration, be discrete in size - and most of all not break down.

Whilst Jupiter Science / Emco Tech ionisers hold the privileged position of being the world's #1, it does mean that some other companies or brands like to attack Jupiter first because it’s ‘the one to beat’. Unfortunately, often these companies use less than moral practice in the process.

It’s true, some ioniser brands will go to extraordinary lengths to make their product seem like it's the best. The most common trick is to use 'spin' to turn something that is actually a negative feature into a positive one. Here we give you a few examples in the hope that you can make up your own mind between fact and fiction:

"Our ionizers have so many plates we’ve lost count!”

Some companies love to use plate number as a selling point. However, often a high plate number is required only if the electrolytic cell technology being used is inefficient. In this situation the manufacturer needs to add more plates simply to achieve an acceptable level of ionsation.

>Jupiter Science / Emco Tech ionisers use Japanese designed Platinum Titatium mesh plates which are the best in the business. The Vesta ioniser uses 9 Platinum Titanium plates and is the undisputed leading ioniser in the world. Our other Jupiter ionisers use 5 plates and achieve superior ionisation compared to our high plate number rivals. This superior ionization with only 5 plates is due to the advantage of Emco Tech’s world leading electrolytic cell technology which the others simply can’t match. 5 Plates means less power required and makes for a smaller unit and all with superior ionisation compared to Jupiter's competitors!

"Our plates are the biggest of any ioniser out there!”

Again, usually companies that employ large plate sizes have to do so because their ionisation technology is not up to scratch. A large plate size is necessary when ionization efficiency cannot be achieved using plates of smaller size.

>Jupiter Science / Emco Tech ionizer plate sizes are not massive because they don’t need to be - you get exceptional quality ionized alkaline water from some of the most robust and yet some of the most discrete units available - outperforming those claiming that bigger is better.

Our ionizers use a massive 400W of power!”

We love this one because the only reason why an ionizer unit would need more power is if it cannot ionize properly at less than 100W. These companies are effectively telling you that their product is less efficient because it needs more power to do the job properly - and their product will also cost you more in electricity bills in the process!

>Most Jupiter Science / Emco Tech ionisers use 80W to achieve world class ionisation and alkaline water thanks to better technology. The Vesta regulates volatage according to need and uses a maximum of 120W.

"Our SMPS power supply is a technological marvel"

The reality is that the power supply has no effect whatsoever on the performance of the ionisation process unless fast voltage regulation is required.

>Not all SMPS's are created equal! The Jupiter Science Vesta uses a premier grade SMPS because of its market leading AutoAdjust function which demands fast and accurate voltage regulation. Most other ioniser brands only uses SMPS's because they are lighter in weight compared to traditional transformers and thus cheaper to transport.

Only Buy From An Authorised Retailer

There are a number of web sites out there which purport to sell Jupiter Science / Emco Tech ionizers at knock down prices. If you go ahead and try and buy a Jupiter Science ionizer from these sites, what usually happens is one of two things:

1. You place an order for a Jupiter Science ionizer, your money is taken and soon afterwards you receive a call from the company saying that they have 'just sold out' and would you like a different ionizer instead? By way of 'apology' the company then offers you a nice discount on a different brand of ionizer or they try to up-sell you to a more expensive model.

The companies that do this never held any stock of Jupiter ionizers in the first place because they are not authorised Jupiter Science / Emco Tech resellers. Instead they make a fraudulent discounted offer on the #1 brand (Jupiter Science) in the hope of enticing you to part with your money. Once they have your money they try and sell you the brand for which they are a reseller.

What makes this even worse is that allegedly this practice is sometimes actually encouraged by the parent brand.

Oh, and by the way, if you simply say you want a refund, they claim that it could take up to two weeks to process!

2. You place an order for a Jupiter Science ionizer, your money is taken and you do actually receive a Jupiter Science ionizer! The problem here is that the seller is not an authorised reseller and so he has probably sourced his stock from abroad. This is called grey importing and grey import ionizers are not covered by our guarantee.

We keep a record of the serial numbers of every ionizer we distribute to our resellers. Ionizers that do not have a recognised serial number are not covered by our guarantee.